Who is this course for?

Any teenager looking to develop the perspective necessary to become a change agent and address the social issues they are passionate about.

Whether you are a teen looking to develop a voice in the world you will inherit or bolster your academic resume (or both), this course will give you a jumpstart on adapting the growth mindset and intellectual humility needed to become a leader inside the classroom and in society-at-large.

Meet Your Course Facilitator

Matt DeSantis, Co-Founder/Chair - Teen Think Tank Project

Welcome to the Teen Think Tank Project's 1-Hour Advocate Series. I will be your Introduction to Advocacy and Social Activism course facilitator.

I say "facilitator" instead of "instructor" because I will primarily serve as your guide during this course. The actual instruction will come directly from our guest speakers, former WNBA champion Essence Carson and former NBA player Mahmoud Abdul Rauf.

These individuals have spent much of their professional careers advocating for civil rights, equality, and social justice. They were gracious enough to visit with Teen Think Tank Project members to share their insights and experiences of fighting for a more just and equitable society.

Each of these microlessons focuses on a specific idea or concept that Essence and Mahmoud identify as a cornerstone of understanding what it means to become an advocate!

Guest Speakers

Mahmoud Abdul Rauf

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf joined Matt and the Teen Think Tank Project Winter Research cohort in February 2021 for a spirited, insightful, and heartfelt conversation on what it takes to effect meaningful change in society. His insights and experiences profoundly impacted our students.

Essence Carson

After the 2020 WNBA Season and fresh out of the bubble, WNBA champion, All-Star, musician, humanitarian, and advocate Essence Carson joined our program to talk about racial inequality in America, the quest for fundamental human rights, the pandemic, and her summer in the social justice spotlight.

The Impact of Our Guest Speakers

When teens gain access to thought leaders, advocates, and activists, they not only learn, they become inspired!

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